PC and laptop maintenance tips

You might ask – why are you doing this? what is this blog for? don’t you have something else to do?

Here’s why. We are passionate about technology. We love it. It’s been our bread and butter for over 30 years. We’ve been working on and with computers since the days of mainframes and VAX systems. We watched as the world moved from faxes to email, from paper forms to spreadsheets, from punch cards to scanners, from mainframes to iPads.

Along with these monumental leaps in technology came monumental growing pains. We understand this more than most because we’ve been supporting technology users throughout this entire period. We decided to put our considerable computer knowledge out there for less knowledgeable folks, so hopefully we can prevent some of the inevitable heartbreak caused by failing technology.

So, if you use a computer of some sort (doesn’t that really mean every one of us?), then pull up a chair and take some notes. We’re going to hit you with some knowledge that will keep your computers running,¬†safeguard your data, and protect your privacy. Enjoy!